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Trimble Tablet Rugget PC

A Tablet Made for Surveying

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Toughness + Portability

Now there is no need to choose between the toughness and portability of a field controller and the operating power of a laptop—the Trimble® Tablet Rugged PC is the one controller that does it all. Designed for ease of use and high performance mobility, the rugged Trimble Tablet provides everything you expect from a tablet computer—plus the confidence that it will perform at optimum capability for surveying applications and withstand the toughest conditions. Paired with Trimble® AccessTM field software, the Trimble Tablet fully supports your everyday workflows and unique requirements.

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Extreme Performance

In the field, the Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional operating system, 4 GB RAM, and 128 GB of flash- based storage onboard the Trimble Tablet allow you to run all of the applications you need to perform office work. The dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor enables software applications to run fast and reliably. With the power and convenience to run office software while on the job site, you can check your work and deliver to clients without a trip back to the office.

Connectivity via Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and a built-in 3.75G GSM cellular data modem enables manageable and efficient workflows from the field so you can stay connected no matter where you may be. The Trimble Tablet’s ultralong-life lithium-ion battery ensures a full day of field computing and connectivity on a single charge.

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Dual Technology Display System

The Trimble Tablet features a new patent-pending dual technology display system created specifically to enhance sunlight readability, as well as readability in no light at all. No matter how bright or direct the glare, the Trimble Tablet provides a clear, easy-to-read workspace.

With the multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, you can type with your fingers, stylus or capacitive gloves. Plus, you have the capability to control the size of the keyboard on the display for ease of use. Controlled zoom can optimize your experience with maps and detailed information. The responsive touch screen expedites pointing and selecting.

Increased data visualization and documentation

The 7 inch Gorilla® Glass display of the Trimble Tablet makes viewing data, maps, and applications much easier—it is like taking an office computer to the job site. Take control with full background maps and a vibrant color graphic display. The capacitive touch display also improves the viewing of photos and video captured through Trimble VISIONTM technology. Greater data visualization in the field improves your ability to move fast and make the right decisions.

Unlock the full potential of applications that include highly visual data and graphic interfaces. The Trimble Tablet can run a vast range of office and field applications.

Unprecedented documentation is now in your hands. Document your job sites right from the controller using the Trimble Tablet’s built-in 5MP camera with autofocus and built-in flash capabilities. Integrated GPS allows you to geo-tag each photograph accurately recording the location of each image without extra steps.

Trimble VISION technology brings the instrument telescope to your field controller. Using live video and remote control, you see what the instrument sees. High-quality video and digital zoom make it easy to identify survey targets. Collect measurements and geo-tagged images for use throughout your Trimble surveying system.