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Trimble InSphere

A Powerful and Portable GNSS System

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Data Manager

With InSphere Data Manager, geospatial information is accessible anytime and anywhere via web browser or on a mobile device. Quickly access, search, and view your data and control points, all from one easy-to-use interface.

Access and view your geospatial data in one place. Find out if you have done projects near an area and see what data is available for reuse. Select features directly on the map and see their detailed attributes.

With Data Manager you can efficiently re-use collected data in new projects. Managers and field crews can save time by incorporating previous project information or control points into new project assignments. Find data you need and export them to a CSV to send to the field.

Trimble InSphere Data Manager

Equipment Manager

Save time trying to locate equipment with Equipment Manager. Skip the spreadsheets and know where your equipment is with a complete overview of your assets’ locations in both map and list views so you don’t spend time trying to locate it. Take advantage of available equipment by viewing which devices are nearby, which are available, and which haven’t been used recently.

New! Protect against loss or theft with Locate2Protect real-time location tracking and geofenced alerts for your Trimble S Series total station. Your Locate2Protect-enabled instrument reports its location so you can remotely monitor its location from the web, providing 24/7 remote security.

Every Locate2Protect instrument has a built-in accelerometer so you also receive alerts when your total station experiences significant shock or abuse.

Ensure equipment is on the latest firmware and software versions for consistency in workflows and compatibility with other devices. Receive alerts when new software updates are available and for warranty expiration information so you can stay protected and avoid costly repairs.

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Data marketplace

With InSphere Data Marketplace, many free and premium spatial data sets are available at your fingertips. Data Marketplace gives you a one-stop shop for your mapping and spatial data needs. It offers you numerous geospatial data such as imagery, elevation, topography, roads, buildings and many more.

Your time is valuable and productivity is paramount. With Data Marketplace, you can streamline your workflow. Efficiently find, validate, access use the data you need on the instance.

Find and buy professional location data quickly and easily on the InSphere Data Marketplace, built on the WeoGeo Market platform. Then use InSphere Data Manager to view and manage your data, along with your surveying, mapping and other geospatial data, for an integrated workflow.


Supports iOS, Android, WEH and selected tablet devices running Windows 7 / Windows 8. Field workers can work with their choice of device, from their personal phone to high-accuracy handheld, and have the same experience, collect data in the same way. Eliminate the need to carry a GPS device, camera, clipboard, and printed maps, by centralizing onto a single device.

With multiple field workers and numerous jobs you need to keep it all organized. Group field data collection assignments into projects and assign users to individual projects. Streamline data collection workflows by keeping field users focused on their key projects.

Import pre-existing asset or GIS data into your projects with TerraFlex Advanced and make real-time updates to it in the field. Share that information across the project organization, so all projects members—from the field to office—are working with the most up-to-date data available.

Trimble TerraFlex takes care of all the database administration and management, so you don’t need to expend resources to manage another system. Focus on the job at hand without having to work back end systems.

Trimble Access Services

-Simplified Setup. A new streamlined interface lets you get your organization ready to go in just minutes.

-File Conversions. Convert files from an older version of

-Trimble Access or Survey Controller.

-Data Processing. Simplify your post processing. Upload Trimble GNSS data files or RINEX files without the need for conversion, check and modify details using a user friendly interface and then submit the file to your chosen service.

-GNSS Forecast. Enter the time and place, and the GNSS forecast tool will show you the number of satellites and ionospheric conditions that will be available. It can predict availability for GPS, Galileo, and Glonass satellite navigation systems.

-Local Trimble Access Installer. Create an installer executable that you can run on your PC without the need for an internet connection.

-AccessSync. This cloud-based file transfer service saves time on the job by ensuring everyone on a project is accessing the most up to date job data.

-Trimble Connected Community. The Trimble Connected Community (TCC) provides the power behind Trimble Access Services. The Connected Community service enables your business to manage and share information via your own unique web site.

Trimble Access Services