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Spectra Precision FOCUS 8

Intuitive and Easy to Use

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Powerful software + brilliant optics

The Spectra PrecisionĀ® FOCUSĀ® 8 Total Station offers the power of a Windows CE operating system and world class Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software combined with clear-to-view quality optics, smart design, and superior components that your surveying jobs demand. The Spectra Precision FOCUS 8 has intuitive Survey Pro on-board software that is easy to use, and has a large display that makes data management simple.

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improve data workflow

Touch-screen technology also improves data workflow speed to access menus and software modes for fast every day data management. The Windows CE operating system supports a full alphanumeric 'pop-up' keyboard helping users to enter data quickly and accurately.

Built tough for use on your everyday work site in all degrees of dust, dirt, and weather conditions.

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intuitive and easy to use

The large graphic display uses features such as different font sizes, icons, and pop-up menus to make the on-board software system intuitive and easy to learn for maximum efficiency. Use the FOCUS 8 to reliably measure and save all your topographic and staking needs.


2" and 5" angle accuracy
Affordable Total Station
Windows CE
Accurate distances and stable angles
Up to 500 m (1,640 ft) reflectorless measurement1
Tough and reliable
Spectra Precision Survey Pro onboard
All-weather construction
Long battery life