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Asset Tracking

Transform the Productivity of your Towed Assets

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visibility into the location and utilization of your assets

Businesses that operate a fleet of portable assets critical to their field service operation require real-time information into where they are located and how well they are being utilized. Without this information, it is impossible to determine how best they should be deployed, in order to optimize productivity and return-on-investment. Trimble Asset Tracking is a flexible solution that offers complete visibility in to the location and utilization of your assets, from a convenient portal.

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on-demand information and detailed activity reports

Trimble Asset Tracking offers a range of on-demand information and detailed activity reports on key data such as asset location, speed, stop time and utilization time. It also reports on disconnect events, alerting users if a unit has been disconnected from its main power supply, has been stolen or is being used at an unauthorized time. With the visibility in to where towed assets are and how they are being used, businesses can better manage asset performance and costs to run the most efficient field operation possible.

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  • Enables complete convenience with visibility in to asset usage and location in one place from an online portal
  • Offers simple deployment with anytime, anywhere access
  • Allows vehicle fleet location to be viewed alongside assets for more effective assignment
  • Ensures maximum utilization of assets by monitoring productivity rates
  • Improves optimization by identifying idle and rarely used trailers to reallocate
  • Allows stolen assets to be located or unauthorized use to be identified through real-time alerts
  • Provides dependable, rugged hardware with quick and easy self-installation and de-installation

simply and quickly monitor the location of all your towed assets

  • By using Trimble Asset Tracking, you can simply and quickly monitor the location of all your towed assets and even generate utilization reports to determine which are being over or under utilized across customer locations. With this information, you can determine how best your assets should be deployed, which ones can be repurposed and which ones customers need most - streamlining the efficiency of an asset-dependent business.