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Driver Safety

Unlock the Key to Drivers' Safety

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improve safety out on the road.

If you run a business with drivers out on the road, ensuring they are safe is a priority. Whether employees are attending a few different jobs in a day or constantly on the road to pick up and drop off goods, they are at risk simply by being in a vehicle. It can be difficult to monitor and manage how safe drivers are when you can’t be with them in the passenger seat for each and every journey. Trimble Driver Safety is a solution combining in-vehicle hardware with a range of alerts, reports and dashboards about driver behavior that can be utilized by managers and drivers to improve safety out on the road.

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identify risky drivers

By setting safety parameters and then scoring drivers against these, you can identify those drivers who could be putting themselves and other road users at risk and offer training and advice to coach them to improve. Poor driving is also expensive driving; for those drivers over accelerating or speeding, they are wasting fuel needlessly and could be damaging the vehicle. The reports provided by Trimble Driver Safety help you see where a better driving style needs to be enforced to reduce fuel costs and minimise the impact on vehicle condition.

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  • Reduces accidents and improves employee safety out on the road
  • Improves public image by promoting a safe driving culture
  • Increases fuel savings through improved driver behavior
  • Improves productivity through better vehicle uptime
  • Reduces operational costs by lowering fuel use and repair bills
  • Improves driver compliance using driver-style feedback

how it works

Driver Safety leverages the GPS receiver in the in-vehicle hardware to collect the required data for analysis. Using Fleet Management capabilities, the extensible Driver Safety solution allows you to improve your safe-driving practices by:

  • Sending audible and visual alerts to drivers when their actions are outside set guidelines for aggressive driving. An in-vehicle display uses red, yellow and green LEDs to indicate the driver’s safety level and an audible beep will alert the driver if the current action is outside the safe range, allowing the driver to self- correct his driving and get safely to the next appointment.
  • Enabling driver-specific monitoring of speed, rapid acceleration and braking through the Driver Scorecard.
  • Pinpointing vehicle location at a specific time to respond to unsafe driving complaints and traffic incident claims.