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Job Scheduling and Dispatching

Work Management

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Work management

For any organization with a mobile workforce in the field, scheduling their work, tracking their progress throughout the day, empowering them to resolve issues first-time and meeting service commitments is an ongoing challenge. Do your mobile workers have all the information they need to get the job done right, first time? Are you meeting your customers’ expectations? Trimble Work Management is a cloud-based solution that transforms the productivity of a mobile workforce through intelligent scheduling tools, mobile apps and state-of-the-art performance analytics.

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For a dispatcher, Work Management creates an optimized schedule for the day at the touch of a button. In addition, dispatchers can create optimized schedules for weeks in advance to ensure customer-agreed appointment windows are set and work is planned around jobs in the same area, reserving scarce equipment where necessary. During the day, dispatchers get real-time visibility of the location and status of the mobile workforce with alerts to warn of in jeopardy jobs, all helping to achieve the most productive workday.

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For mobile workers, Work Management includes the FieldMaster Technician app, allowing them to receive, update and create tasks on smartphones or tablets. Mobile workers can also view job, customer and parts information, capture photos, parts used and signatures on the go, fill in forms and find their nearest depot or colleague in the field. Access to accurate and timely information optimizes efficiency in the field, to get more done each and every day.


    For supervisors and managers, Work Management offers easily digestible consoles and reports containing in-depth metrics at every level, from an individual to an overall business unit. Managers can view analytics on how effective the workforce has been and their utilization from month to month then compare and contrast performance to identify problem areas.