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Juniper Systems, Cedar CTG7

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Now running Android 6.0 with a speedy new processor, the CT7G Rugged Tablet is ready to ramp up your data collection process in tough environments. It has the outdoor visibility you need on a large, 7-inch display, a battery with enough juice to run all day long, and the ruggedness required to perform reliably in any environment. Not only that, but the CT7G also provides the versatility to choose from thousands of business-ready apps on the Google Play Store. All of this and more, at an affordable price making the CT7G an easy choice. So put down that fragile smartphone, pick up the CT7G, and get out there.

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Built to Endure

The CT7G is designed for all-terrain data collection, featuring outstanding, IP68-rated protection against dust and water, and built to withstand drops from up to three feet onto concrete. Its rugged design takes downtime out of the picture, allowing you to get more work done, in less time. For improved productivity and efficiency, get a quote for the CT7G today.

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Working in bright sunlight? No problem. Unlike typical smartphones and tablets, the CT7G’s large, 7-inch display provides enhanced outdoor readability, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about when working under the glaring sun, is getting a sunburn.

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If you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck in a low-cost rugged tablet, the CT7G is for you. Offered at an affordable price with quantity discounts available, the CT7G is ideal for equipping a large crew with rugged devices, or providing a quality product to one or two users. Either way, the CT7G is an economical solution to your Android-based, rugged data collection needs.