A Closer Look: The New Trimble TSC7

Precision Midwest is excited to introduce the all-new Trimble TSC7 Controller!

The modern 7-inch screen and memory make the TSC7 the must-have controller for survey fieldwork and scanning. Faster and more powerful than its predecessors, the TSC7 delivers better productivity and efficiency.

With the power and flexibility of Microsoft® Windows® 10 Pro and Trimble® Access 2018 software, sharing files and synchronizing data between field and office surveyors is easier than ever before.

The TSC7 is packed with many new powerful features that will change the way you work, including:

7-inch Touchscreen offers better visibility of all data—including Trimble SX10 scan data— for more trusted data collection in the field. Its 1280 x 800-pixel display is made of flush, rugged Gorilla Glass for easy reading, snow, or bright daylight, improving workflow efficiency. The screen works by touch or stylus.

Dual Cameras allow users to better in the field. The 8-megapixel, field-facing camera improves documentation, while the 2-megapixel, user-facing camera allows for better communication between the field surveyor and the office.

Modern Connectivity of the controller allows users to connect across GSM, LTE, Bluetooth,
and Wi-Fi which means users can communicate face-to-face from the field. The TSC7 also supports interchangeable EMPOWER modular units, such as a robotic radio module, to improve workflow and flexibility.

Hot-Swappable Batteries come with LED indicators, allowing users to better manage battery life and time in the field. Both batteries are right and left compatible, meaning they can be safely switched out and either side of the TSC7. Also available are spare batteries, an external charger, and a vehicle adaptor.

Backlit Keypad lets surveyors work anywhere, anytime even in the dark. The TSC7 keypad also offers a more logical layout with buttons that click as you type. Plus, there are six Function keys that double to 12 configurable Fn-keys for quicker access to workflow items.

Trimble Access 2018 Software offers a revamped, intuitive user interface specifically designed to take advantage of the large screen on the TSC7. The larger screen makes it easier to see your data as you survey. Trimble Access 2018 also integrates Trimble Sync Manager, so jobs can be set up in the office and then data can be easily synchronized between field and office.

Open Operating System which runs on the Windows 10 Pro Operating System, so you can install and run most applications—like Outlook, Excel, Dropbox, and Chrome—for more efficient workflows.


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