GeoSlam Technology Featured on ‘Secrets of the Underground’

When it comes to the world of mobile mapping technology, GeoSlam is leading the way with its suite of devices. Founded in 2012 as a partnership between Australia’s National Science Agency and the inventors of Wi-Fi and 3D Laser Mapping, GeoSlam has developed amazing 3D mobile mapping technology ideal for indoor, underground or difficult to access spaces.

The world is starting to take notice of this ground-breaking tech, as is evidenced by the recent appearance of the ZEB-REVO device on the Science Channel hit television program “Secrets of the Underground.” Requiring no GPS signal and little light to operate, the ZEB-REVO was used by the show’s host Rob Nelson as he investigated secret Nazi tunnels in Poland. The tunnels are believed to be used to hide stolen riches.

The ZEB-REVO provided Nelson and his team with the ability to map the tunnels and search for irregularities in the underground system that could be connected to secret chambers. Similar chambers have been discovered across Europe and were used to hide treasures Nazis plundered from occupied lands.

We won’t give away what Nelson finds during the show, but the host referred to the GeoSlam technology as “incredible” and “life-saving.”

GeoSlam technology will appear regularly in this year’s “Secrets of the Underground,” which is in its second season. According to the Science Channel website, the show regularly uses “LIDAR, ground-penetrating radar, and all types of 3D imaging, to tell the stories of some of the strangest subterranean locations in the country.”

Click here to watch this entire fascinating episode of “Secrets of the Underground.”

Precision Midwest is a leading distributor of GeoSlam technology, including the ZEB-REVO RT, the first generation ZEB-REVO and a host of accessories. The ZEB-REVO provides instantaneous feedback on coverage and data quality, while SLAM processing cuts survey times in half.

Precision Midwest’s complete ZEB-REVO RT Solution package includes everything to start mapping from the moment it’s powered on. Depending on the level of support and maintenance needed, we also offer bronze, silver, and gold support packages.

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