The Trimble SX10 Offers First in Class Precision

The Trimble SX10 is the first scanning total station that combines high‐accuracy total station measurements, high‐speed 3D scanning and enhanced Trimble VISION imaging. Precision Midwest is a leading dealer of the Trimble SX10 in the Midwest. Our team of expert representatives can answer any inquiry regarding the Trimble SX10, provide training and schedule free demonstrations.

The Trimble SX10 was designed to provide the very best in accuracy, efficiency and detail. Featuring Trimble MagDriveTM,  Autolock® and Lightning 3DM technologies, the SX10 can handle any survey project.  

In the field, the Trimble SX10 is capable of capturing rich point cloud data at  an amazing 26,600 points per second at a range of up to 600 meters. Back at the office, your scans will register automatically, meaning less time is spent on prepping data and more time is spent on delivering results.

Paired together with Trimble Access and Trimble Business Center, the SX10 can operate within a familiar survey workflows, saving costs on specialized training, personnel and dedicated 3D scanners.

Superior 3D Scanning

The Trimble SX10 is powered by fully integrated 3D scanning capabilities. Trimble’s Lightning technology allows it to measure dense 3D scan data at fast speeds while maintaining top-level precision throughout the entire measurement range.

Trimble SX10 users can choose their level of scan density, based on the particular  project. Because registration is automatic with the SX10, data drops right into the survey coordinate system.

Advanced VISION Technologies

The VISION technology on the Trimble SX10 makes directing surveys easy with live video on the controller.

VISION offers users differing levels of imaging capabilities and resolutions. Users can collect the perfect level  of data for their needs — from documenting the site to capturing additional details on your DR observations.

When you return to the office, VISION data provides the option of making additional measurements or delivering 360 panoramas.

Additional Features of the Trimble SX10

  • Merges surveying, imaging and ultra high speed 3D scanning in one Scanning Total Station
  • Offers an industry‐leading 3D scan range of 600 meters, while also boasting an industry leading smallest spot size of a mere 14 mm at 100 meters
  • Provides a horizontal 360° x vertical 300° field of view with scanning and imaging to cover your entire setup

About Precision Midwest

Precision Midwest is a leading geospatial hardware and software solutions provider founded in 2001. We are headquartered in Plainfield, IL with offices in Des Moines and Waterloo, Iowa.

We specialize in selling reliable products, solutions, service, support and training. The Trimble SX10 is one such product. If you or your company is interested in a free demo of the SX10, call us at (630) 836-1000

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