Transform Your Company’s Productivity With Trimble Business Center

Precision Midwest, headquartered in Plainfield, IL, is the Midwest’s leading seller of geospatial hardware and software solutions. Perhaps the most powerful and robust of our software portfolio is Trimble Business Center.

Trimble Business Center allows businesses to harness the power of geospatial data reliably and offers the ability to  efficiently edit, process, adjust and create deliverables with total confidence. From field to finish, workflows are created with reliability.

Trimble Business Center offers an all in one solution — from comprehensive work flows for Survey, GIS, and specialist service providers creating deliverables from traditional data types or expanding to the latest point cloud and imagery data from terrestrial, mobile and aerial sensors.

TBC solves the problem of historically disjointed work flows while supporting the needs and flexibility of multi-disciplined businesses. The results can provide cost reductions in the purchase of additional software and training.

Top Level Data Integration

Trimble Business Center allows professionals to combine data from GNSS, total stations, and levels to gain the most accurate horizontal and vertical results. TBC enhances visualization and data richness with points clouds, imagery, BIM and CAD models as well as PDFs to create the ultimate in complete project deliverables. TBC leads the market in data integration, allowing its users to easily adopt new sensor technology to respond to ever-changing customer needs.

Create Amazingly Rich Deliverables

Trimble Business Center enables users to deliver a large variety of application based deliverables, including QA reports, surfaces, CAD plans and complex alignment/corridor designs. TBC boasts strong partnerships with major CAD and GIS packages, ensuring seamless and highly productive data transactions.

Customize the User Interface

A fully customizable user interface greatly enhances the Trimble Business Center user experience. For those who wish to maximize user efficiency, the TBC ribbon interface makes functions easy to find and understand. Customization allows users to:

  • Add frequently used functions to the quick access toolbar
  • Create ribbon tabs with streamlined work flows
  • Specify any website as the start page

Trimble Business Center Supported Workflows

From producing reliable control coordinates for the span of an entire project to efficiently viewing managing and extracting data from terrestrial, mobile, and aerial point cloud sensors, TBC supports a huge variety of workflows, including:

  • Control Surveying
  • Field to Finish
  • GIS Feature Collection
  • Construction Staking
  • Data Prep
  • Drafting
  • Terrestrial and Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Scanning

To learn more about Trimble Business Center, including technical specifications, supported languages and system recommendations and requirements, call a TBC expert representative at Precision Midwest at (630) 836-1000.

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