Precision Midwest Offers the Latest in Trimble GNSS Technology

Whether you’re staking out a road or traversing over some difficult terrain, Precision Midwest offers a complete line of Trimble GNSS solutions to help you complete your survey tasks with efficiency and accuracy.

Through every stage, Trimble GNSS products ensure surveyors can work with total confidence. You’ll collect more data in less time via full GNSS support and many powerful features, including Trimble HD-GNSS, Trimble 360 and SurePoint technologies.

In this blog we’ll take you through our line of Integrated GNSS Systems to help you gain a better understanding of how this technology can help you work more effectively.

Trimble R10

The Trimble R10 represents the next generation of GNSS surveying. With a sleek design and powerful systems the R10 gives surveyors a way to increase productivity on a daily basis.

The Trimble HD-GNSS processor provides reduced convergence times along with high position and precision reliability while reducing measurement occupation time. Going beyond traditional xed/ oat techniques, the R10 gives a more accurate assessment of error estimates than previous GNSS technology.

Trimble SurePoint technology sensors on the R10 continuously stream pole tilt and heading information used to display an electronic level bubble on the Trimble controller screen. This allows surveyors to stay focused.  Full tilt compensation means the survey pole to be tilted up to 15° during measurement, meaning the R10 to capture points inaccessible to other GNSS systems.

A smart lithium-ion battery powers the Trimble R10 system, delivery extended and reliable battery life. An LED battery status light allows the user to quickly determine battery life.

When it comes to communication options,  R10 provides a number of options. Receive VRS corrections and connect to the Internet from the field with the integrated cellular modem. With Wi-Fi, connect to the Trimble R10 system using a laptop or smartphone to configure the receiver without the use of a Trimble controller.

Bring the power and speed of the R10 system together with trusted Trimble software solutions, including Trimble AccessTM and Trimble Business Center.

Trimble R8s

With the Trimble R8s, it’s easy to build a receiver just right for the job. Choose the configuration level that suits your needs best, whether it’s post‐processing, base, rover, or a combination of base and rover functionality.

As your requirements change, the Trimble R8s can adapt. Simply add functionality whenever you need it. Each Trimble R8s comes integrated with powerful Trimble 360 tracking technology that supports signals from all existing and planned constellations, and augmentation systems.

Trimble 360 technology can expand the reach of your GNSS rover to sites that were previously inaccessible due to moderate vegetation or other obstructions by taking advantage of the availability of additional satellite signals.

The R8s GNSS receiver provides data communication options including an integrated wide-band UHF radio or 3G cellular modem. Trimble’s exclusive Web UI eliminates the need to travel for routine monitoring of base station receivers.

Create a field solution by pairing the Trimble R8s GNSS receiver with a powerful Trimble controller loaded with easy‑to-use Trimble Access field software. Trimble Access field software offers the features and capabilities to simplify everyday work. Our streamlined workflow modules, including roads, monitoring, mines, and tunnels guide crews through common project types, enabling them to get the job done faster.

The Trimble DL Android app provides a simple and easy to use mobile interface for collecting static GNSS raw data for post-processing purposes without the need of using a Trimble controller or Trimble Access field software. This free app is available through the Google Play Store and operates on Android smart phones and tablets

Once you’re back in the office, Trimble Business Center enables you to check, process and adjust your data with confidence.

Trimble R2

The Trimble R2 is a compact GNSS receiver that provides simple-to-use solution for GIS professionals collecting highly accurate data in applications ranging from mapping and locating underground infrastructure, like cables and pipes, to inspecting storm water drains, and much more.

Capable of delivering between submeter and centimeter positioning accuracy in real-time to any mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth® connection or USB cable, the R2 receiver gives you total flexibility to choose a solution based on the accuracy and GNSS performance level that suits your application, letting you work the way you want.

The R2 is capable of tracking the full range of GNSS satellite constellations and augmentation systems, and comes with an integrated Trimble Maxwell™ 6 chip and 220 channels to provide you with reliable accuracy and positioning performance.

Connect the Trimble R2 receiver to your preferred controller or mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth® connection and add proven Trimble field and office software workflows to complete the solution.

Data can be collected with the customizable workflows of Trimble field software such as Trimble Access or Trimble TerraFlex™ software that allow your teams to easily collect and communicate information between the field and office in real-time. Collected data can then be processed with Trimble office software, including Trimble Business Center or TerraFlex, providing you with data rich, high-quality deliverables for your organization.

About Precision Midwest

Precision Midwest is premier Midwest’s dealer of Trimble GNSS solutions. If your company would like a free demonstration of any of our GNSS solutions, simply contact us today!


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